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 Industries in UAE


PR and marketing

The days of a company's marketing plan being based around adverts in printed publications are long gone. Instead a content strategy encompassing thought leadership, video, social media and events is required, requiring a broader range of skills set and much greater versatility. Media houses such as BCN Publishing have repositioned their offerings in response to rising interest in custom publishing and bespoke marketing programmes.

Health foods

The food trend of 2018 has been veganism. Through the power of social media, plant-based food has entered the vernacular, and meat and diary free is offered as a panacea to all manner of illnesses. Companies that have bought into this lifestyle trend, such as Vbites are enjoying instant success amid a lack of competition. All Vbites products are free from meat, egg and dairy, lactose, casein, cholesterol, hydrogenated fats, artificial colours and GMOs.

Ethical manpower

Company reputation can be elevated or destroyed overnight depending on how they treat their employees as Uber has found to its cost in recent years. A new concept of ethical manpower is emerging in the Gulf that aims to protect the reputations of local and international companies working in the region