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The services provided to the investors by the department are as follows:- 

 Issuing of entry permits for employment visas.
Employment / Resident ( Application Form ) 

 Change of Visa Status


 Request for Service ( Visa Deposit / Fax )
Request For Service ( Application Form ) 
 Stamping of New Residence visa & renewals.
Renewal Of Resident ( Application Form ) 
No Claim Declaration 
Employment Contract 
Addendum to labor contract 
Document Required For Medical Test & Health Card

 Documents For Families Visa   Stamping.
Documents Required For Medical Test & Health Card 
Documents Required For Family Visa Stamping

 Issuing of visit & transit visas.
Visit / Transit & Tourist ( Application Form ) 
Undertaking Form ( Transit Visa Only )

 Cancellation & absconders of visas.
Visa Cancellation 
Absconding Form

 Transfer of sponsorship.
Internal Transfer Application Form 
Transfer into SAIF-Zone 
Transfer out of SAIF-Zone

 Passport Release  .
Passport Release (Application Form)

 PRO card Application Form  .
PRO card

 Immigration card ,Security Form  .
Immigration card 
Security Form

 Issuing of entry passes (Non Sponsored by SAIF-Zone)
Entry Pass (Application Form) 
 Issuing N.O.C, Salary Certificates. 
Request For No Objection Certificate (Application Form) 
Monthly Income Statement. 
  Guarantee Deposit Refund.
Guarantee Deposit Refund (Application Form) 

Kindly note that the data & rates contained hereto in this kit are accurate at the time of print and remain subject to change by SAIF-Zone whenever required.

Please feel free to contact the C&IS Department, should you require any further clarification or assistance. ​​​​​​