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 SAIF ZONE hosts Snake Safety awareness programme


​An awareness programme on 'Endangered Species like Snakes and Related Emergencies' was held for the employees of Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF ZONE) on 23rd and 30th October and 6th November, 2014 at the workshop area adjacent to the Free Zone.

The awareness programme, held in cooperation with experts from the Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife, Sharjah, sought to send forth a safety awareness message to the Free Zone community on how to identify endangered species of snakes, how to prevent possible injury and what to do if an incident occurs.

According to Talal Al Midfa, Director (HR & Administration), SAIF ZONE, "We believe it is imperative for our employees to be well informed of the safety concerns relating to venomous creatures that inhabit our terrain.

Often the initial response to a snake bite is vital and can be the difference between life and death. We hope that the expert, practical advice offered through this programme will help the attendees to react calmly and correctly in the event of a life-threatening situation."

Around 500 employees from SAIF ZONE attended the workshop held on three different days. The discussions centered on the different types of snakes, lizards and spiders found in the desert area in Sharjah and the habitats, behavior and camouflage techniques of these animals were also highlighted.

The experts also pointed out the various manners in which the different species react to disturbance and what their defensive responses are.

Aspects of breeding and other peak activity periods were also touched upon to deliver the Breeding Centre's safety awareness message. The most crucial aspects of the awareness programme focused on pertinent issues such as what to do if confronted by an angry snake, what to do if bitten and what are the first aid techniques to adopt in an emergency situation.

The Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife (BCEAW) was opened in 1998, under the Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA), Government of Sharjah. Situated approximately 25 km east of the city of Sharjah, the BCEAW is responsible for the captive breeding and research of the indigenous Arabian fauna.

The BCEAW was purpose built for breeding the regionally endangered wildlife, but it also serves as a base for research into all the mammal, reptile, freshwater fish, amphibians and invertebrate species which inhabit the Arabian Peninsula. The BCEAW is also headquarters of the Captive Breeding Program for the Critically Endangered Arabian Leopard.