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 SAIF ZONE promotes Sharjah’s investment opportunities in Turkey


Turkey hosted the ninth Turkish-Arab Economic Forum in Istanbul on 28th and 29th of May 2014, an event which gathered foreign ministers, prominent public and private sector decision-makers, visionaries and strategists from Turkey and Arab countries, to set an agenda for improving the economic cooperation between Turkey and the Arab countries.

Mohamed Al Mahmoud, Commercial Director and Yasir Abdul Hamid, Senior Sales Officer, represented Sharjah Airport Free Zone Authority (SAIF ZONE) at the event which was held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Bosphorus, Istanbul as they discussed with investment and finance leaders the macroeconomic developments and major investment opportunities in the two regions.

The economic relation between Turkey and the Arab countries have grown and developed fast in recent years with Turkish exports to the Arab world rising nearly more than eight fold since 2000 to reach USD 25 billion in 2010 and Arab exports to Turkey increasing in turn three fold to reach USD nine billion. This has also coincided with the rapid growth of tourism between the two sides.

"Turkey's importance as a key trade and investment partner for Sharjah and the UAE continues to grow and we were very pleased with this opportunity to make contact and explore new opportunities with the Turkish business community," said Mohamed Al Mahmoud.

Stressing the need to build strong relationships based on mutual exchange and trust, he added that Sharjah is a fast growing emirate offering a lot of opportunities for Turkish investors.

Sharjah is an ideal hub for investment in the Middle East thanks to its unrivalled strategic location, its direct access to the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, its state-of-the-art facilities and sophisticated logistics infrastructure, and its incentives and flexible legislative structure, as well as its investor friendly environment."