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 The hottest industries for launching a business in 2019


Solar technology


The UAE is aiming for green energy to meet 27 per cent of the country's energy needs by 2021 and 50 per cent by 2050. The production of renewable power by consumers, businesses and industries will make an essential contribution to meeting this ambitious target, and investment in distributed solar systems is actively being encouraged. More than 450 buildings in Dubai have already been fitted with solar panels, and by 2030, it is hoped all buildings in the emirate will be producing solar energy. Building Integrated Photovoltaics are a hot topic in design circles right now. This involves incorporating solar-generating components into windows, walls and roofs, turning structural elements of buildings into power producers, rather than just using rooftop solar panels.

Advanced analytics


All industries, whether it is oil and gas, logistics, or manufacturing are digitalising their assets to improve efficiency and safety. Through the use of sensors and machine learning, the aim is to enable industrial facilities to become self-maintaining and self-optimising. Many early adopters have already begun their digital transformation journey, but the market for sensors and automated inspection systems is expected to really take off in the next few years in the UAE.



Every company needs a cyber security strategy in order to protect themselves from the constantly evolving threat from hackers and scammers. Although no company can ever be 100 per cent secure, not to have a cyber security strategy these days is tantamount to negligence in the eyes of insurance companies. Money can be stolen, infrastructure shut down and reputations damaged in a matter of moments. However, few companies know where to begin when it comes to cyber security, making professional services firms greatly in demand at present. The other issue such consultants can help with is privacy compliance and risk management, which another hot topic at the moment.